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You Can Now Live Your Dreams In An Actual Hobbit Home!

You can finally AirBnb in an actual Hobbit Hole.
If the realm we live in is getting excessive for you, why not dig in and live like Frodo Baggins in a real hobbit hole. Cuddled in the countryside of Middle-earth. Hobbit’s Dream is an exceptional holiday home where you can experience your most stunning Lord of the Rings fantasies.

2. The holiday home has a 100% rating on Airbnb.

The auburn round wooden veneers will cause you to feel like you’ve ventured directly into the anecdotal homes in the Shire. In spite of the fact that they’re human-sized, not Hobbit-sized, and incredibly obliging. A luring double bed complete with fuzzy covers indicates the brutal monsters found in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Dragons, fireplaces, and pixie lights adjust the home’s enticing dream feel.

3. The Hobbit home is a unique accommodation in leafy Fairfield.

Maybe the main distinction between Middle-earth and this guest home is that the roofs are somewhat higher. It means four visitors can remain in the unique accommodation in verdant Fairfield, Virginia, United States. Despite the fact that the property is at present completely reserved until October, you can book your stay at the Hobbit House for just £199 per night.

4. The Airbnb advertisement says,

Absolutely so authentic that you expect Gandalf to knock on the door with his staff or the Dwarves to ring the bell.
“It is not just a night’s stay, it’s an adventure. Board the Buckleberry Ferry for an evening beverage, meal or a pipe of Old Toby. Let your imagination run wild as you follow Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin down the Brandywine to Bree. Enjoy your favourite beverage and our specialty seed cake while reading our collection of Hobbity books or just soaking up the magic and listening to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings soundtracks on the Alexa. Bring your cosplay outfits and your favourite games.”

5. One can also experience vintage art workshops!

J.R.R. Tolkien super-fans Randy and Linda Holland built the Hobbit home in June, 2017. The home and its decorations were meticulously created with local wood. Visitors can likewise witness vintage craftsmanship workshops held by Randy, for that bona fide Tolkien feel, where they can take their self-cut wooden Hobbit Pipes, Wizard Staffs and broomsticks home with them after their once in a blue moon stay.

The region is encompassed nature trails for hikers, prepared for guests to re-sanction their own excursion to Mordor. Film fans may get themselves slightly baffled to realize there is no television to watch the movies on in the home. However, genuine Lord of the Rings fans would contend it permits guests to appreciate the legitimacy of the property, and regards the imaginative honesty of the British author.

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